ASURA IS – An international collaborative working together to bring out the three headed demon crane. Asura will be a mixed media mutant vehicle including interactive light, sound, animatronics and flame effects. We’re working towards being able to hold 40+ occupants on our mobile dance floor featuring a rotating lineup of international DJs.

Origami is a way to bring a third dimension from a two dimensional form.  Asura the crane will convey our thoughts and prayers as we travel through the Multiverse, each of the 3 heads staring off into their own dimensions.

We currently have a team of 18 people working on fundraising, mechanical, lighting, artistic and sound design. We also have a growing team of international volunteers committed to the final construction of Asura starting at the beginning of August. And finally we have the founders which are committed to the initial funding of the project, but the more capital we get early on the sooner we can purchase things like the chassis, structural, electrical, pneumatic and other materials.

Donate!! We need early funding to get started the initial purchases include the chassis that we’re using to design the vehicle. Think about how sweet it’ll be to take our mobile dance floor on playa excursions, then dig deep and send us your $$. You can add more donations to the cart if you’d like to donate more.

Here’s the fundraising art shop in Japan!

And for donations from everywhere else … you can send us donations in $20 denominations with this here …

Keep checking back for updates including design, fundraising and build progress!

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