Flag Project!

Flag Project!

In 2019 we started the camp flag project and everyone stepped up in a big way!! This year we’re returning the existing flags and the project to create more!

Here’s the spec sheet for the design … FlagSpec.pdf

What better way to get into a multi-national, multi-regional, multi-group vibe than to display a bunch of flags. Imagine walking down the street on the playa and coming upon a camp that’s lined with flags showing a representation of each of the different groups.

Imagine the awe it would inspire that we’re a camp that was able to organize it’s self so well that we were able to coordinate the creation of so many individual art pieces!

Although you have complete freedom over the design … the only thing we’re trying to keep is the shape of the flag. Some ideas …

Maybe you could make a national inspired flag that has a crest that represents your group.

It could also be completely inspired by your group and the experiences you’ve shared together. Maybe an inside joke >_< …

You could also try and make it a completely abstract art piece!

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