2022 Meals

2022 Meals

G = Gluten Free option available
V = Vegetarian* option available (*veg options still may contain eggs and dairy)

Mon 29th Brunch – “Eggs and Rice Bacon” (GV)
Chef: Baby Bear
Sous: Martin
Sous deux: Volunteer!
Ingredients: (bacon!)

Allergies: Dairy, egg

  • eggs
  • rice
  • yogurt and granola

Mon 29th Dinner – AUSSIE FAM! – “Bunnings and Bread + Mediterranean Macaroni Salad” (GV)
Chef: Macca
Sous: Julz
Sous deux: Baron von Schnittlauch
Sous three: Andy Melburn

Allergies: Dairy, mushroom

  • Protein – Brats (beef/veg)
  • Veg – bell peppers, onion, mushroom, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olive, celery
  • Carb – pastaG, hot hot bunsG
  • Dairy – feta
  • Other – EVOO, vinegar, lemon, spices, red pepper flakes

Tue 30th Brunch – Camp Trini & Friends “Gallo Pinto” (GV)
Chef: E
Sous: LB
Sous deux: crazynik
Ingredients: (bacon)

Allergies: Dairy, avocado, plantain

  • Protein – black beans, egg
  • Carb – rice, toastG / corn tortillas
  • Veg – bell pepper, onion, garlic, avocado
  • Dairy – queso fresco
  • Other – plantain

Tue 30th Dinner – “Taco Tuesday!” (GV)
Chef: James & Robyn
Sous: BK Le petit Comandante
Sous deux: Brent R


Allergies: Dairy

  • Protein – beef, vegetarian refried beans
  • Carb – corn tortilla, rice
  • Fixings – cheese, cilantro, onion, tomato, bell pepper, jalapeƱo
  • Other – cholula, taco seasoning, tortilla chips and salsa

Wed 31st Brunch – Camp Trini & Friends“French toast, eggies, and pig” (GV)
Chef: Nick
Sous: Antonio Everywhere
Sous deux: Brent R
Ingredients: (BACON!)

Allergies: Dairy, egg

  • Protein – Egg! Pig! (bacon and ham)
  • Carb – French Toast! (breadG, egg, butter, cinnamon?)

Wed 31st Dinner – AMSTERFAM! – “Orecchiette Puttanesca” (GV)
Chef: Cris
Sous: Flow
Sous deux: Placeholder
Sous three: Andy

  • Protein – chickpeas
  • Carb – orecchiette (pasta)G
  • Fixings – garlic, tomato, capers, olives, parsley, lemon
  • Other – olive oil, paprika, spices

Thu 1st Brunch – “Japanese Breakfast”
Chef: Madoka
Sous: hacha
Sous deux: Umep
Sous three: SashaSasha

  • Pork miso soup (carrot, daikon, onion, potato, burdock, green onion, miso, sake, chili pepper)
  • White rice
  • Sweet fried tuna (mentsuyu, sesame seeds)
  • Japanese pickles (daikon, carrot, eggplant, cucumber, ginger)
  • Furikake

Thu 1st Dinner – “Ipecac Spaghetti” (GV)
Chef: marshal
Sous: Carosimu
Sous deux: Yutanman
Sous three: Yi
Sous four: Waciuma

Allergies: Dairy, mushroom

  • MeatV – pancetta, italian sausageV
    • Vegetarian version: miso and plant based sausage
  • Carb – spaghettiG, garlic bread
  • Veg – tomato, onion, garlic, shallot, mushroom, bell pepper, cabernet
  • Dairy – butter, parmesan
  • Other – herbs

Fri 2nd Brunch – PORTLAND FAM! – “Avocado Toast” (GV)
Chef: Solomon
Sous: Loolivash
Sous deux: Lavash
Ingredients: (bacon!)

Allergies: Dairy, avocado, egg

  • Protein – egg
  • Produce – avocado, fruit (TBD)
  • Carb – breadG or corn tortilla
  • Dairy – cheese
  • Other – garlic, seasonings

Fri 2nd Dinner – “Taco Rice” (GV)
Chef: Makibee
Sous: Kerotan
Sous deux: Udon

Allergies: Dairy, avocado

  • Protein – beef
  • Produce – tomato, pineapple, onion, avocado, lettuce
  • Carb – rice
  • Dairy – cheese
  • Other – chili powder, paprika powder

Sat 3rd Brunch – SACTO! – “Burrito!”
Chefs: McRubbin & Leahdoll
Sous: crotchfrog
Sous deux: Mogli
Ingredients: (bacon!!!)

Allergies: Dairy, egg, mushroom

  • Brefiss burritos! (tortilla, eggie, mushroom, hashbrown potatoes, cheese, green chilies)

Sat 3rd Dinner – “Wrongsgiving” (GV)
Chef: Prism’s Personal Assistant & Prism
Sous: tumbleweed
Sous deux: Puff Puff
Sous more: Yi & Waciuma

  • Protein
    • “turkey” (ham or tofu)
  • Sides
    • “stuffing” (sticky rice, celery, carrot)
    • mashed potato
    • green beans (almond, ginger, cranberries on side, soy sauce)
  • Carb – “rolls” (hot hot buns)