Camp Duties

Camp Duties

Hi Everyone,

None of these jobs are super difficult but they help tremendously.  You should have seen our total trashy years and how long it used to take to clean and run moop patrol.  So for just a couple of tasks everyone’s lives are way easier during the week and at the end of the event!.

Please Choose 2 Camp Duties.



Camp Sweep

Take a walk around camp performing a visual inspection looking for safety or general concern, picking up MOOP and tidying up public areas. Keep a particular eye out for dangerous electrical situations, camp fuel out of place(should be stored in fuel dump), unsecured shade structures, Etc.. Organize the main shade structure, DJ booth and dance floor.

💩Doodie Duty

Clean the toilets and showers!  We’ll have gloves and cleaning supplies.

Kitchen Cleanup

We increased this to 4 people to make it an easier task. Task should be completed immediately after meals. Fill triple basins with wash water, rinse water and sanitizer water. Clean all dishes, pots and pans. Change table top coverings. Sort and compact trash, crush aluminum cans and bag for recycle camp.


This is pretty much the camp errand. Take recycling to recycle camp and pickup ice for the ice chests.

Camp Boss

Wednesday-Saturday We need a camp point of contact to stick around to to address issues with generators, sound, lighting and neighbors. As well as keeping an eye out for dangerous or unacceptable situations. Each shift is 2 hours and run from Noon to Midnight on the days we have a lineup.