Camp Features

Camp Features

The Beacon

40′ high tower with programmed bank of 8x 24″ LED’s. Visible across the playa.

Public Chill Area

50′ diameter octagonal shade, to serve as our chill space, with rugs and furniture underneath, along with some lighting. This is meant to be inviting for passers by to drop in and hang out for a while.

Brawndo Bar

The Brawndo bar was an addition for 2018.  This is our electrolyte and coffee bar.  Great for a drink after some trampoline play.  Stay hydrated!!

Observation Platform

A 10′ x 7′ scaffolding structure 20′ high where you can get a better view of the city.


Three trampolines at the front of the camp for public enjoyment.

Communal Kitchen

A 20′ x 40′ wedding tent with all the amenities of a semi-commercial kitchen.  Stoves, a 32″ paella pan, a triple basin sink with running water, pots, pans, and a fridge and freezer for food storage. There will be a meal plan for camp members, and a pair of burners for individuals not on the meal plan. There will also be a waste management system that includes waste water, recycling and trash management.


2 shower stalls, with robotic control system and a grey water disposal system.

Tent City

Centrally-located unified mass of modular canopy structures for communal camping. We have 9 panels of “Black Rock Hardware” shade. There will be enough space to accommodate approximately 50 2-person tents. By the time the gates open, some, but not all canopies will be set up. Be sure to contact an organizer about a canopy if you need one.

Private Camping

There will be space for camping with domes, yurts, and vehicle camping as well, but since these take up more space than average, please contact one of the organizers for approval ahead of time, and placement on-site. If you bring an RV, you are also responsible for taking your waste out or getting your tanks pumped by a service provider. DO NOT use the evaporation pool.. these are for the camp showers only. If you need help with this, please let us know and we will happily work with you to find a solution!

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