Generator Rental

Generator Rental

This year we will be auditing the power grid for usage. Please see the table below for common loads and the required circuit size. If you’re overloading the circuit that you purchased you will loose your generator privilege without refund. The easiest and cheapest way that’s proven on the playa would be a swamp cooler.

All lighting needs to be LED, Incandescent loads are power hungry and run hot so they can pose a fire risk.

Also appliances are not allowed on the power grid outside the kitchen, so please leave your microwaves, toasters and mini-fridges at home!

Burning Man Swamp Cooler

15 Amp Circuit $60

  • Swamp Cooler
  • LED Lighting
  • Chargers

20 Amp Circuit $75

  • Small Room Air Conditioner

30 Amp Circuit $120

  • RV
  • Large Room Air Conditioner